Celebrating 46 years of bilateral relations between The Bahamas and Cuba

Today, 46 years ago, the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and the Republic of Cuba established diplomatic relations.

The friendship and collaboration has built positive and long-standing links between both nations.

Being archipelagos in the Caribbean Sea, we have not only beautiful landscapes but also nice and hardworking people.

The diplomatic relations set since 1973 has promoted steady and useful exchanges in different areas such as education, health, agriculture, and migration.

The challenges that our nation face today should be confronted through exploring and identifying new sectors of cooperation.

Dealing with more frequent and tougher natural disasters in our geographic region, battling non-communicable and communicable diseases, and improving and diversifying agriculture are among the challenges that The Bahamas and Cuba should fight together in the years to come.

In the sector of education, hundreds of Bahamians have graduated in the area of medicine and other careers.

This is something that Cuba is very proud of – helping to form professionals under a scheme of free scholarships for better development of the countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

Also, hundreds of Cuban teachers have worked in The Bahamas since 2003, making an important input in the instruction of the new generations of Bahamians.

At the same time, some of them have given their talent and expertise in caring for young Bahamians with special needs.

In the cultural exchanges, there are opportunities to allow Cubans and Bahamians to know more about their respective heritages.

From Junkanoo to the Salsa, there is still a rich culture to be discovered by the public in the two nations.

This is something that creates spaces for promoting the multi-destination between two countries with paradisiacal beaches and seashore landscapes around hundreds of islands and cays, which attracted more than 11 million tourists in 2019.

In the arena of international relations, our countries have been together supporting multilateralism and advocating for a comprehensive approach on issues like climate change, women’s rights, and sustainable development.

In a critical issue, The Bahamas has supported Cuba in our enduring effort to get rid of the embargo, set almost 60 years ago by the United States of America.

The government and the Cuban people thank The Bahamas for that steady and courageous position.

In the years to come, we are sure that the diplomatic relations will last with new and more benefits for The Bahamas and Cuba.

• Alejandro Garcia del Toro is the Cuban ambassador to The Bahamas.

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