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CFO: Doctors Hospital’s GB campus will rival Cayman Islands’ Health City

Doctors Hospital Chief Financial Officer Dennis Deveaux has vowed that the facility’s new campus in Freeport, on schedule to be completed by the end of this year, will rival the Cayman Islands’ Health City.

The company is investing upwards of $20 million on the new state-of-the-art facility.

“We intend to establish a flagship facility. A flagship is the leading ship in the group. This is the most sophisticated hospital that we intend to stand on, certainly in The Bahamas and perhaps even in the Caribbean. Health City in the Cayman Islands might be a close second when we are done. But we expect this will not be an inferior hospital to what exists in Nassau or anywhere else in the Caribbean, but it in fact will be the market-leading hospital in terms of technology in The Bahamas and the Caribbean,” Deveaux said during last week’s Grand Bahama Business Outlook.

“The anchor in our strategy is to ensure it is accessible and affordable. We’ve said from the onset that our commitment is with any delivery of critically-needed service, we will establish quality leadership and price leadership and even before we enter Freeport we will make the commitment to enter the largest settlement in The Bahamas, which is located in Eight Mile Rock, and in fact we have a team there now readying to open a full clinic in Eight Mile Rock by the middle part of May, with construction concluded in the early part of April.”

The significant investment comes as the government and business community have highlighted the need to improve investor confidence on the beleaguered island.

It’s also a part of a dozen new developments recently approved by the Grand Bahama Port Authority for the island.

“Doctors Hospital is a Bahamian-owned and Bahamian-run company and our confidence is high in Grand Bahama. We have an obligation as Bahamian companies to go back into the communities from whence we came and deliver the critically-needed services that those communities require. We expect with partnerships to make the opportunities clear and then make it easy to do business,” Deveaux said of the perception that there is low investor confidence in the second city.

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