Chamber concerned about BPL engine cooling challenges

The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation (BCCEC) in a statement released yesterday called on Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) to urgently announce its solution for cooling its new engines, after it was revealed that the power company has run into a snag with its original plan.

With summer only about four months away, the BCCEC statement reminded the power company that the business sector of The Bahamas cannot suffer the spate of power outages that it was subjected to in 2019, which it said cost businesses millions.

“We consistently refer to the impact our power challenges have on the private sector and investment environment,” the BCCEC statement noted.

“The BCCEC is calling on BPL to provide and announce a solution as a matter of urgency.

“The private sector needs to be confident that BPL is committed to fulfilling its obligations regarding safe, consistent, reliable and cost-effective power supply.

“The private sector has experienced the loss of productivity and profitability last year through the extensive power outages and load-shedding.

“The stability and delivery of power generation are critical components to strengthening our economy.”

The statement added that BPL also owes its customers reliable power on the basis that the company will soon add an additional cost onto its bills to satisfy its rate reduction bond.

“Given the fact that this year both the private sector and residents are expected to pay more through the rate reduction bond, there is a justifiable expectation that power generation will be consistent,” stated the BCCEC.

“Ensuring proper technical resources and access to guidance is imperative to BPL delivering on the commitments it has made to the Bahamian public and as it undertakes transformative change.”

The BCCEC also insisted that BPL secure a viable environmental plan for the wastewater that will be produced from its engine cooling systems.

“The BCCEC is concerned that as the solution to bringing the cooling water into the plant to cool the engines is found, that BPL also has an environmental plan for the disposal of the wastewater, taking into account the necessary protocols needed to prevent any damage to the marine life in the area,” the statement stressed.

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