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Change equals growth

Now let’s suppose for a moment, that when you went to your place of employment today, upon arriving and getting seated at your desk, or wherever you work each day, your manager called a meeting of all employees in your department. Now at the meeting you learnt along with everyone else in the department that a certain procedure that you had done a particular way for as long as you could remember was now going to be disbanded and a completely new system would be installed which you all would have to be retrained in. What do you think the overall attitude of the majority of people in the department would be regarding the new changes which were about to be introduced?

Well, from past experience, I’ll answer that question. The majority of people would in all probability rear up against the introduction of the new system saying something like this: “Man, why do they have to change things as the old system has worked so well for a long time now, ever since the company was founded over 30 years ago.” A few – very few employees would fully embrace everything about the new system which they feel will work better than the old one. Yes indeed, most people resist change of any kind like the plague.

But my friend, as the short title of this article correctly proclaims, change equals growth. Yes, it does. So, if that’s true and it is, why do so many people resist change of any kind like the plague? The answer to that question is because they are very negative, and negative people have closed minds thus they resist all kinds of change constantly. But my friend, without continual change there is no progress, and without any progress there is no success.

Yes, my friend, if you want to be outstandingly successful in life, you need of necessity to be a positive thinker. Positive thinkers, as I’ve stated already have completely open minds and thus welcome change as a means of growing and thus being much more successful at all that they undertake in life. Yes indeed, there’s no doubt about it, as today’s title puts it, change equals growth – yes, it does.

• Think about it!

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