Chantel Thompson shares her story of
brokenness and redemption in her book
‘Unchained: The Grace to Break Strongholds’

Survival mode has been a fixed position for author and teacher Chantel Thompson. A native of Abaco, which was devastated by Hurricane Dorian in 2019, Thompson is familiar with storms, which she aptly shares in her newly released book, “Unchained: The Grace to Break Strongholds”.

Written to help others through their dark times, “Unchained: The Grace to Break Strongholds” gives readers scriptures, and guides them through meaningful prayers to help express their hearts to God as they identify strongholds and destroy them at their roots to receive God’s unconditional love.

The current resident of Freeport, Grand Bahama, who hosts the show, The Father’s Love, on Dove 103.7 FM, Thompson uses all platforms at her disposal to share her story of brokenness and redemption. A story that she said is all too common among the hurting.

A prisoner of her fears, trapped in a world she unwittingly lived in, Thompson said she knew what it was like to give up on God. And that she knew all too well what it felt like to be lonely, search for love, embrace compromise and begin the cycle over and over again. She knew what it was to cry out in pain for help, only to feel like it was her voice echoing through the darkness.

Thompson writes transparently of the highs and lows in her life. She said she did not pen the book to air her dirty laundry, but because she knows that there are people who are hurting and feeling alone, just like she did – people who she said look beautiful on the outside yet feel as if they are dying within.

Educator and youth leader Tori Tiffany Lewis said Thompson’s message is for everyone.

“No subject is better than God’s grace,” said Lewis. “Chantel’s account of her journey to freedom, through God’s grace, is the hope and encouragement we all need.”

“It’s a desperate place to be,” said Thompson. “I’m grateful that God brought me through, but it was not an easy journey for someone like me who wanted to do things my way.”

Thompson said she had to learn how to surrender and turn her life over to God entirely as she made it through what felt like a dark, hideous tunnel with no way out.

“This book has already been a lifeline to readers. I believe many people confused my determination and outward confidence with success. The truth is, nobody knows what goes on in the quiet times of a person’s life when the doors are closed, and the smiles are put to rest – looks can be, and many times are, deceiving.”

Having rejected herself, Thompson wondered if God would ever forgive or love her. She, after all, had difficulty forgiving or loving herself. The author said she was done with trying to be free from the chains and strongholds in her life through her efforts and finally learned how to let go. The journey she aptly shares in the book is to help others through their desperate times.

After reading the book in one sitting, Lutesha Campbell said she was left speechless.

“I have never related to a book like I have done this one. It was as if Chantel lived my life experiences. It is a must-read! I promise you that you will never be the same,” said Campbell.

Pauline Ramsey admitted to not being able to put the book down through the night. In a social media post, Ramsey said, “I’m up at this hour still reading and feel like I’m experiencing every moment. The scriptures are there to back up [what is being said]. I love it!”

“Unchained: The Grace to Break Strongholds” can be purchased at Bellevue Books and Gifts Ltd. in Freeport and is also available in paperback and kindle on

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