Charges against American tourists dismissed

A magistrate on Wednesday acquitted three American tourists of violating an emergency order by accessing a closed beach.

Police on Wednesday arrested Rana Mohamed Kenawy, Marian Mohamed and Ikrane Kanane, of Boston, Massachusetts.

A viral video of the women scaling the fence to Cabbage Beach on July 10, caused public outcry.

However, the women’s arrest and charge turned out to be anticlimactic when Deputy Chief Magistrate Andrew Forbes threw out the case.

Forbes made his decision after Kenawy hesitated when he asked her to enter a plea to the charge that they violated the emergency order.

Forbes asked, “Did you enter the beach on July 10 and did you obtain permission?”

Kenawy said, “There was a police officer there. He said we could basically go. He was wearing brown.”

Asked if she knew the officer’s name, Kenawy replied, “Smith.”

After consulting their attorney, Ian Cargill, she claimed that they had asked an Officer Smith, who wore a “brown” uniform, to access the beach.

She alleged that the officer and a woman said that, “We will turn our backs while you go.”

Forbes said that the officers had given the visitors “tacit consent” and they could not be charged a violation of the law.

As a result, Forbes acquitted and discharged the women.

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