Cheesecake Heaven’s once-a-year red velvet cheesecake stuffed cupcakes on the table for Valentine’s

Santa Claus comes once a year – and according to folklore, St. Nick travels around the world in one night delivering the heart’s desire for children to unwrap on Christmas morning.

Then there’s the Easter bunny, a folkloric figure and symbol of Easter, depicted as a rabbit bringing Easter eggs on Easter Sunday.

Who can forget Cupid – in classical mythology, Cupid means “passionate desire” and this god of desire, erotic love, attention and affection, shows up to shoot his arrows for Valentine’s Day.

And of course, there is the sweet tradition at Cheesecake Heaven that also happens only once a year, and it’s when Jameel Lightbourne and his staff churn out dozens upon dozens of their delicious take on a dozen roses in the form of a red velvet cheesecake stuffed cupcakes.

Cheesecake Heaven’s red velvet cheesecake stuffed cupcakes this year will be offered on February 12 and 13, at $53.75 per dozen, inclusive of VAT.

It’s an offering Cheesecake Heaven proprietor first debuted in 2013, and nine years later, the offering is one of the most coveted of the seasons of love. Lightbourne chalks up the demand for these sweet treats being sought after for Valentine’s to the fact that he only bakes them once a year.

“That once a year offering is what makes them special,” said Lightbourne. “It’s been a nine-year tradition that we haven’t strayed away from – not even once. To get a taste of these red velvet cheesecake stuffed cupcakes, you can only get them during Valentine’s. Customers line up to get them every year – for themselves, that someone special, and even their children.”

Biting into one of Lightbourne’s cupcakes, you’re going to get a fluffy and moist cake with a lovely, tangy cream cheese filling to complement the indulgent sweet red velvet crumb, which is again topped with more cream cheese indulgence.

The taste Lightbourne’s cupcakes are pretty impressive, but they are just as lovely to behold, as Lightbourne dresses each with a half of fresh strawberry.

“Giving your sweetie a dozen red velvet cheesecake stuffed cupcakes will definitely make your Valentine stand out and swoon all at the same time,” said Lightbourne.

The red velvet cheesecake stuffed treats are packaged in a pristine white box with a clear cellophane top that allows people to get jealous sneak peeks. Even if you don’t have a “Valentine” to purchase you a dozen of Cheesecake Heaven’s red velvet cheesecake stuffed cupcakes, Lightbourne said purchasing them for yourself is the perfect way to show yourself some love. He also has individual offerings of this decadent cupcake for sale on the two days of sales, as he looks to spread the love.

Lightbourne will also have a red velvet chunk cheesecake – a five-pound deep dish vanilla bean cheesecake with a graham cracker crust and red velvet chunks – for the person who just wants to go big.

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