China prepared to help Bahamas with COVID-19

The Chinese Embassy in The Bahamas presented a coronavirus diagnosis and treatment plan “prepared by Chinese medical experts” to the government of The Bahamas in the hopes of aiding the fight against the disease, Chinese Ambassador to The Bahamas Huang Qinguo said yesterday.

As he briefed members of the press on the status of the new coronavirus – recently named COVID-19 – which originated in Wuhan in the Hubei province of China in December, he added that the minister of health and minister of foreign affairs allegedly assured him the Bahamas government would reconsider its travel ban should the situation in China improve as “experts of China” anticipate.

“At this stage…we would like to provide the necessary assistance to the Bahamian side upon the request of the letter, and today we presented a copy of the diagnosis and treatment plan prepared by the Chinese medical experts,” he said, noting that he had met with the foreign affairs minister and health minister earlier in the day.

“We believe that this kind of technical assistance could be helpful to the Bahamian government.”

He added, “We noticed that today the Bahamian government announced that three countries have been added to the list of travel restrictions, namely the Republic of Korea, Italy and Iran.

“With regards to the case of China, we talked about the situation and the two ministers commended the achievements made by the Chinese government and they also expressed that they will follow closely the developments in China and revisit the policy of The Bahamas and they will consider to lift the restrictions according to their assessment.

“The two ministers expressed their happiness to see the achievements made by the Chinese government in continuing and controlling the spread of the virus and we agree that joined efforts would be made to contain the virus.”

The Ministry of Health recently released its COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan, which calls for the establishment of remote field hospitals for potential COVID-19 patients among other things.

Minister of Health Dr. Duane Sands on Tuesday tabled in the House of Assembly a quarantine order which declared the Republic of China will be recognized as an “infected place” for six months due to the coronavirus outbreak there.

However, Huang said that “experts of China” project that the country should be mostly back to normal by next month. 

“According to the projection of the experts of China, we believe that by the end of this month the newly increased cases out of Hubei province will be lowered to zero, and also by the end of next month – I mean the end of April – the normal daily life will be restored all around China except Hubei province,” he said.

“At this stage, many cities are in the process of restoring their normal daily lives.”

In the meantime, he expressed support for The Bahamas’ steps to monitor and protect itself against COVID-19, including being aware of the “tens of thousands of tourists coming from all over the country, especially from the United States”.

Huang said he hopes that the international community, including China and the U.S., can work together to combat the “common threat to the international community”.


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