Chinese embassy dispels fake news on coronavirus

The Chinese embassy in The Bahamas dismissed claims that China is seeking to kill more than 20,000 coronavirus patients, noting that such accusations are “fake news”.

The embassy’s comments followed a report on social media that claimed that China was seeking the court’s approval to kill tens of thousands of coronavirus patients “to avoid further spread of the virus”.

The “fake news” report read: “The highest level of court in China, Supreme People’s Court, is expected to give approval on Friday for the mass killing of coronavirus patients in China as a sure means of controlling the spreading of the deadly virus.

“The state tells the court that China is on the verge of losing its health workers to coronavirus as at least 20 health workers contract the virus daily. The state argues that coronavirus patients admitted [to] hospitals only have their deaths delayed and infect many others while receiving care at the hospital.”

However, Haigang Yin, counselor and spokesman for the embassy in Nassau, told The Nassau Guardian, “I just want to make it clear that this is totally fake news. There is no government in the world, during this age, that could do something like that.”

He added, “A lot of people just forward fake news and make it viral on social media.”

Yin also defended the government’s attempts to address the virus, which originated in Wuhan, China.

“The Chinese government is making all efforts to cure and contain this virus,” he said.

“The whole country has been mobilized to provide support. Thousands of doctors and nurses have been sent to Hubei province, the epicenter of the virus, to lend help.

“On the same note, the Chinese government is providing information on the pandemic in an open and transparent way. China is cooperating with other countries and international organizations to combat this virus.”

Up to press time, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported 37,558 confirmed cases and 812 deaths from the coronavirus.

On Saturday, the Ministry of Health noted that the virus’ outbreak is “improving despite the increase in new cases as the number of suspected cases are decreasing”.

Fifteen Bahamians, who recently returned from China, are in quarantine for the virus, according to the ministry.

Health Minister Dr. Duane Sands said there have been no reported or suspected cases of the virus in The Bahamas.

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