Chipman’s resignation ‘an act of egotism’

The recent decision by Centreville MP Reece Chipman to resign from the Free National Movement (FNM) violates the trust of the people of Centreville, Chairman of the FNM’s Centreville Constituency Association Juan Cartwright charged in a statement yesterday.

“It is unfortunate that in this time of national crisis, Mr. Chipman made an attention-seeking decision to resign from the FNM. This act of egotism is an attempt to take the national focus away from the relief and recovery effort in the northern islands,” said Cartwright, referring to the devastation caused by Hurricane Dorian in Grand

Bahama and Abaco last month.

 Cartwright said he is “deeply disappointed” in Chipman’s resignation.

 “In two years as chairman of the FNM Centreville Constituency Association, I never had a substantive or impactful conversation with Mr. Chipman over the needs of Centreville residents or the business of the association,” he stated.

“Since his election, Mr. Chipman has seemed more preoccupied with his political career than the advancement of the people of Centreville.

“He made no effort to be a meaningful part of our constituency association. It is clear he made a decision some time ago not to be part of the FNM’s effort to bring better governance to The Bahamas and to improve the lives of the people of Centreville.

“The people of Centreville voted for FNM representation in the historic 2017 general election. Mr. Chipman would not have been elected to the House of Assembly if he were not under the FNM’s banner.” 

Chipman announced his resignation from the House of Assembly last Thursday.

He stated, “I can do more for the people of Centreville as an independent. There is a huge disconnect, in my opinion, between the Parliament and the people, and I am no longer able to sit back and let it happen.”

Cartwright said in his statement that the FNM pledged better governance in the 2017 election campaign and is delivering on this promise.

“The country’s economy is regularly growing again. Tax breaks and incentives have been established for inner-city communities. A preschool initiative is underway to expand access to early education. There is significantly more accountability in government,” he stated.

“Despite Mr. Chipman’s decision to choose advancing his political career over doing what is best for the people of the area he represents, the party’s constituency association will continue to look after the interests of the people of Centreville.”

The FNM said last week it is unfortunate that Chipman decided to leave the party and thanked him for his service.

Asked yesterday about Chipman’s resignation, Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis said, “He has his own reasons and the party responded to that. I am now focused on building The Bahamas. That’s our focus and that’s where I will remain.”

Chipman won the seat by four votes over former Prime Minister Perry Christie.

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