Choices have consequences

Dear Editor,

Kindly permit me a few words in response to the recently published letter to the editor by Glenn King, who I deduced is an educator of some sort.

In it the writer puts forth three areas where he alleges discrimination because of the sexual preferences of him and his friends, by the police, at work and in families.

We should start with the premise that there are such things as normal behavior and practices, but it is also possible for normal to be an abnormal thing we become used to.

For example, sleeping in an abandoned building for the first time is an abnormal experience that can become normal to the individual who continues to do it. This is also true for other behaviors as well: running red lights, speeding, smoking, drunkenness and even certain sexual practices.

While the vast majority of adults would agree that heterosexual attractions and sexual relations are normal, we can all agree that not all heterosexual acts are normal — incest, rape or pedophilia are obvious examples.

For many, even taking religion out of the equation, same sex relationships are not normal relationships purely based on anatomy and commonsense.

King ignores the fact that contrary to LGBT advocacy and propaganda, nobody is born gay. There is no biological basis for that idea!

He confuses people having thoughts and same sex attractions with being gay, which is why he referenced the “gay child”.

The simple commonsense truth is that every person becomes the thoughts they choose to act on.

On a daily basis people struggle with thoughts and feelings. Some people give in to them, others do not.

A person with same sex attractions, just like the thief, rapist, philanthropist or humanitarian, becomes that thing they choose to act on repeatedly. A thief is not one who has thoughts or compulsions to steal; he only becomes a thief by acting on the thought to take what is not his!

Every society and family, since the beginning of time, has castigated those whose behaviors were out of accordance with the societal norms.

People gossip at work about the lying or teifin’ politician, the cheating spouse or the co-worker who got drunk at an office party.

They talk about the man or woman to avoid at work because of their ‘habits’ or loose morals. This is nothing new.

The writer does not realize his gripe is with intolerance and not necessarily discrimination. Discrimination on the basis of immutable characteristics should not be tolerated, but the homosexual lifestyle is a choice. In fact, sexual activity is a choice for every human being. That is why some are celibate, some monogamous, some bisexual and some, well, you get the idea.

What the writer seems to want is tolerance and acceptance of his personal sexual practices.

He and his friends seem to want the right to tell people how they should feel about their personal lifestyle choices.

Sorry bro, that ain’t gonna happen.

In a democratic society people get to make certain choices, but those choices have consequences.

He and his friends must learn to live with the consequences of the lifestyle they chose and not try to get society to conform to their will.

One possible consequence may be that parents will not want King to teach their children. That’s life, so take it like a man!

– JB

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