Choosing a different path

Dear Editor,

Hey, you. Yeah, you who all about terrorizing the country, killing, robbing innocent people and raping young women. Yeah, you. It’s you I’m talking to, going around giving our country a bad name. People being warned not to come to The Bahamas. Nice tourist places like the fish fry getting caught up in your stupidness.

You’re dealing drugs, carry guns and knives; killed and seen your friends killed. And you’re barely out of your teens.

He was only seven and you shot him while he sat at the table doing his homework. Now you are in McDonald’s or in KFC ordering a Big Mac or $5 fill-up feeling no pain. What have you done? What have you done? His mom will never hear him call out to her again at nights. His brothers and sisters will never be able to tease him again. What have you done? My God what have you done?

They were engaged to be married. They had kids and you shot and murdered them. You shot and killed your best friend, your best friend, man. Wow! On orders from your leader over some drug deal gone bad. A leader who is too cowardly to do the dirty work himself. What have you done?

You used to eat out of his ma pot. Now he is dead and you killed him. He was your buddy. Question for you while you out there committing all of these crimes: Where is your boss? Your leader, the don, what is he doing? Well, in case you forgot, let me remind you: he is locked down with a bunch of gals drinking champagne and eating steak and things. Well pal, time is running out on you and as the year closes out, Minister of National Security Marvin Dames and Commissioner Anthony Ferguson are determined to eradicate the streets of people who think and act like you do.

The headline read “murder count for 2018 lowest in years”. Well it’s going to drop far lower in 2019. Your time is up buddy. They’re coming for you. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There is still time for you to make a change. Get involved in a church or some positive civic congregations before it’s too late. The good book says draw near to God and he will draw near to you. Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. You’re young. You’re smart. You have a wonderful life ahead of you. Don’t throw it away. Do a quick 180-degree turn before it’s too late. You’re breaking your mom’s heart. You’re killing her, putting her into an early grave.

God loves you. He loves you so much that he sent his son to die in your place. You’re being offered another chance. Don’t blow it.

– TP

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