Christie certain Davis will make use of counsel of former PMs, ‘unlike Minnis’

Former Prime Minister Perry Christie yesterday expressed certainty that Philip Brave Davis will seek his assistance during his term as prime minister.

He made the comments on the sidelines of the Opening of Parliament at Baha Mar resort.

“Really, it will depend entirely on Mr. Davis because he knows, like many others, I am willing to assist him,” said Christie when asked what his relationship will be like with Davis.

“I am willing to help if he deems that a proper thing to do or an appropriate thing to do. I’m sure though that he is not going to allow me to be sitting out there, when I could be of use to him and of help to him in the way Dr. [Hubert] Minnis allowed me and Hubert Ingraham to sit out there, when we could have been a more effective tool for him to use without there being politics in the matter.”

Davis, who served as Christie’s deputy prime minister from 2012 to 2017, was elected prime minister last month, when the Progressive Liberal Party scored a landslide victory at the polls.

Former Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis previously declared that not only would he be re-elected but his party would win all 39 seats in the House of Assembly.

Christie yesterday offered the new prime minister advice in hopes that he will not suffer the same fate as himself, Ingraham and Minnis — all of whom failed to be re-elected as prime minister in the last nearly 20 years.

“There is no honeymoon in politics,” he said.

“So, my advice to him is…to keep his eyes on his strategy, to know that he has four to five years to govern and that he can have a very effective governance by implementing his strategies that he articulated today.”

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