CMO says patients hospitalized with COVID-19 have at least one comorbidity

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Pearl McMillan said every COVID-19 patient who was hospitalized up to Friday has at least one comorbidity.

“Hypertension and heart disease, followed by diabetes and asthma accounted for the top comorbidities in our cases,” she said during a Ministry of Health press conference on Friday.

“And all hospitalized patients had at least one comorbidity.”

Up to Friday, 80 people were hospitalized for COVID-19.

According to data presented at the press conference, 46 percent of COVID-19 patients with comorbidities suffer from hypertension or heart disease. Thirty-one percent have diabetes; 11 percent, asthma; two percent, cancer; one percent, lung disease; and one percent, sickle cell.

The other eight percent were listed as having “other” comorbidities.

Of those hospitalized, McMillan said 32 percent are at Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH); 27 percent are at Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre; 18 percent are at Doctors Hospital West; 10 percent are at Doctors Hospital East; eight percent are at South Beach Clinic; and six percent are at Rand Memorial Hospital on Grand Bahama.

McMillan said that as of Thursday, 107 healthcare workers had tested positive for COVID-19. She said while some remain in isolation, many have already returned to work. 

There are over 2,100 cases of COVID-19 in The Bahamas with cases on 12 major islands.

According to the August 29 dashboard, 88 cases in the country had pending locations.

Asked on Friday why the ministry is having difficulty determining the islands those cases are from, McMillan said there have been “gaps” in data provided about cases.

“When we get information that comes in to the surveillance unit that has those kinds of gaps, we will have to reach out to those individuals one by one and seek to get the information that is required to populate the dashboard,” she said.

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