Coco Bahama Seaplanes chooses Jet Nassau as its FBO

Newly-formed aviation company Coco Bahama Seaplanes has chosen Jet Nassau as its fixed-base operator (FBO) from which to fly its fleet of state-of-the-art seaplanes. The business is scheduled to start next month, according to a press statement, which added that the company has awarded $10,000 in scholarships to students ahead of its launch.

Coco Bahama Chief Executive Officer Brian Hew said the FBO will allow the airline to carry out its necessary pre-flight and flight operations while developing the company’s staff.

“We are excited to announce the appointment of Jet Nassau as our fixed-base operator,” said Hew.

“The establishment of this strategic partnership will not only provide the necessary day-to-day operational infrastructure and expertise, but will enable both parties to fulfill our common strategic objective to develop and create high-quality jobs for career-minded Bahamians wanting a career in aviation including pilots, maintainers, sales, customer service and support roles.”

Jet Nassau Operations Manager Charles Bowe said of the partnership: “Jet Nassau is thrilled to be a part of this dynamic venture with Coco Bahama Seaplanes. Their commitment to bringing glamour back to family island travel is welcomed and we are indeed ecstatic. We look forward to working with them and their team and are excited about being their preferred FBO at Lynden Pindling International Airport.”

Hew hopes the new seaplane company will unlock millions of dollars in economic development on the Family Islands.

The 100 percent Bahamian-owned company plans to operate with a fleet of two state-of-the-art seaplanes that will open up hard-to-access parts of The Bahamas.

Hew said in a press release last week that Coco Bahama Seaplanes will help to accelerate the economic recovery of the Family Islands without the need for the government to invest heavily in new airports and airport rehabilitation.

The company has also invested in the education of two Bahamians interested in aviation.

Sherquelle Mackey and Kenarje Ferguson were both awarded $5,000 toward the flight school of their choice and an opportunity to join Coco Bahama Seaplanes upon completion of their studies.

“Sherquelle completed her studies at Central Andros High School,” the release noted.

“She is a dedicated, efficient and reliable individual whose most recent work experience was as a customer service agent and co-pilot with Marlin Air Charter Services, among other jobs.

“Kenarje completed his studies at Aquinas College in June 2020. He is humble, quiet, respectful and eager to learn. He has been called a “quiet storm” because once his mind is set to learning, he gives 110 percent. He is interested in studying aviation and aircraft mechanics. 

Mackey said in the release that she has dreamed about becoming a pilot since she began playing with flight simulators, while Ferguson explained that he has watched planes take off and land all his life and this inspired him to become a pilot.

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