Colina Insurance Limited commemorates Autism Awareness Month

Insurer donates to REACH, lights its building blue and employees buy T-shirts

Colina Insurance Limited’s Resident Actuary Marcus Bosland and his autistic son, Obasi, made a $10,000 donation to the Bahamas Resource and Educational Source for Autism and other related Challenges (REACH) on behalf of the company yesterday, in keeping with the insurer’s commitment to health and wellness.

“Colina has been operating in The Bahamas longer than any other insurer. We are Bahamian and we are committed to our communities,” said Maxine Seymour, director, corporate communications, Colina. “Autism is a very real and complex disability that many families in our country struggle with on a daily basis and so we wanted to demonstrate our support in a tangible way this April.”

“REACH is very pleased to partner with Colina this year,” said Dwayne Gibson, chairman, REACH. “It has been a challenging twelve months for the organization, our country as a whole and for our children. We continue to struggle to put forward various initiatives during this pandemic to impact our kids, so today’s donation will allow us to look at other REACH opportunities”.

Resident Actuary of Colina Insurance Limited Marcus Bosland and his son Obasi Bosland donated $10,000 to REACH yesterday on behalf of Colina. From left are Chairman of REACH Dwayne Gibson, Colina Human Resources Manager Leotha Nixon, Marcus Bosland and his son Obasi Bosland, Colina Director of Corporate Communications Maxine Seymour and REACH board member Marcia Newball. photos: TORRELL GLINTON

“We are very happy to start off our Light It Up Blue campaign at Colina – thank you for the opportunity,” said Gibson.

“It is a distinct pleasure that my employer, Colina, is making this donation today to REACH, an organization that does very viable work serving the autistic community, serving caregivers, parents and those who love children and adults with autism,” said Bosland. “REACH’s work is important and I am really grateful that Colina is taking this opportunity to partner with the organization.”

“The population of children with autism in The Bahamas may not be massive, but we are here and we are important. REACH has been invaluable in providing a community of persons who are walking the same path, so we do not feel so alone dealing with this neurological disorder,” Bosland said.

April is Autism Awareness Month. Colina is showcasing a blue light display at its 308 East Bay location during the entire month of April. Representatives from REACH and Colina inspected the lights ahead of the building going blue late yesterday, concurrent with REACH’s annual Light It Up Blue event at the organization’s headquarters on Queen’s College’s campus.

Colina employees are also bringing awareness to and raising funds for autism. The staff purchased T-shirts and will wear them each Friday during the month of April.

“Our family proudly wears autism shirts and we are elated that our colleagues will be joining us in wearing the shirts on Fridays, because what is necessary in our community is understanding and wearing the T-shirts and that brings awareness, which is the first step toward acceptance,” Bosland said.

Autism is a complex, lifelong developmental disability that typically appears during early childhood and can impact a person’s social skills, communication, relationships and self-regulation.

REACH is a non-profit organization that aims to provide parents with comprehensive knowledge and tools in all areas related to autism.

Colina is a diversified financial services company, offering comprehensive life and health insurance solutions. Colina is wholly owned by Colina Holdings Bahamas Limited (CHBL). CHBL is a Bahamian company, built on a firm foundation of trust, integrity and responsibility. Colina has evolved over the past 155 years to become The Bahamas’ largest life and health insurer, with a solid reputation for providing insurance and related financial services products that help clients prepare for life’s unexpected events.

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