Commending govt for sugary drinks ban

Dear Editor,

I write in response to an article that appeared in your newspaper on November 15, 2019 which highlighted the government’s announcement of a sugary drinks ban from all Ministry of Health facilities and events.

I commend the government highly for having the courage to do so in the promotion of health and wellness for the Bahamian populace.

Of interesting note, in this same article was a reference to a statement that, effective December 1, 2019, smoking (inclusive of cigarettes, cigars and vaping) will also be banned from all Ministry of Health facilities, clinics, teaching institutions, etc.

I am highly elated upon reading and salute the government for having the courage in making this announcement.

Moreover, I challenge the government to go even further since it has shown the fortitude to do so to extend this smoking ban to include all government offices, departments, ministries, courts, prison, public and private facilities.

Inclusive of private facilities are all hotels, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and casinos. Yes, casinos as well.

The current administration has begun this process of public banning of smoking in light of its harmful and deadly effects on human health and the environment.

I wish to encourage and give all of my support as it continues along the path of embracing a full smoking ban in both public and private places.

Thank you editor for allowing me space to express my concerns.

– Concerned citizen

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