Commissioner says police are investigating claims that officers threatened man on Bimini

A Bimini resident has alleged that a group of drunken police officers threatened his life and broke the back windshield of his car on Sunday morning.

Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle told The Nassau Guardian that the incident is under investigation.

In a voice note, Paul Levarity, who’s better known as Pauly, said he was in his bed when he was awoken by a commotion outside.

Levarity said that he realized that the officers, who live across the street from him, were the source of the disturbance.

However, Levarity claimed that as he was about to return to his home, one of the officers threatened to kill him, if he came back.

Levarity said he went to the police station and reported the incident. As he walked back home, he said an officer stopped him and spoke to him.

When Levarity started to walk away, he alleged that two constables attacked him.

He said, “One tried (to) punch me and I ducked, and I pushed him out of the way. And, the next one tried to grab me, and I pushed him and I ran to the bottom street.”

Levarity later noticed that the back windshield of his car had been “busted out”.

Levarity speculated that the officers were responsible since they were the only ones he’d had a problem with.

He said, “They were drunk and carrying on.”

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Artesia Davis

Artesia primarily covers court stories, but she also writes extensively about crime.

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