Common hospitality

Dear Editor,

The grind of our daily walk for survival in chaotic and uncertain times can insult our thinking and perspectives on the fruitfulness of contagious human synergy. Today’s societal pulse, domestic or abroad, seems to beat with a shifting cadence offering a distorted imagery that living in harmony isn’t the attractive morning dew.

The fragrance that once scented the air with a calming community spirit, knowing a stranger would render help in a medical emergency or grant a casual smile in passing, seems to be a faded tenet. A morning greeting or warm gaze was once a happy pinch to the soul, but contemporary social allegiances appear bleaker and watered down; in some moments non-existent.

Economic pace and agenda demands of priorities have somehow realigned our inter-connecting persuasiveness, synergies and light touches to another’s shoulder, replacing it with techno-text. As a result, the old adages of social norms that conveyed warm-hearted expressions have evolved into a daunting aura. Those familiar settings of “social hospitality” that once echoed throughout homes and combed neighborhoods, anxiously awaited to collaborate in thought-harmony with the sweet song of dawning birds.

Has this natural human alliance totally become disenchanted to the reward of seeing an elderly woman with heavy bags crossing the street and a young man saying to her, “Let me take your bags for you ma’am”? I’d like to reflect that the goodness in people enduring a swift social-surviving pulse is not mere evanescent thought, but inherent cognitive intentions distorted by hardened thumps of society.

– Dr. Dennis Walter Smith Sr.

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