Common sense is dead

Dear Editor,

According to Gallup polls, 4.5 percent of Americans “identify” as a member of the LGBT community. In Canada (2014) 1.7 percent claimed membership of the same community.

If one were to look at media coverage, the coming-out of celebrities, the effort to do away with he/she pronouns etc., the number of movies and television shows geared toward normalizing this lifestyle, one would be convinced that they form the majority. Indeed, their views and values are over-represented and thrust upon the vast majority and it is labelled as discriminatory, intolerant or homophobic not to acquiesce to or agree.

The simple reality is those in the LGBT community are the only ones who publicly flaunt their sexual preferences, practices and fetishes while demanding the rest of us accept them. They constantly want to sensitize the populace to their concerns while seeing the concerns of others as prejudicial, archaic and simple minded, without concern for the moral and social implications of their lifestyle choices. They cry victimization when others find their views offensive, but offend the sensibilities of others with reckless indifference. How many people have been stigmatized, businesses and careers destroyed or individuals titled homophobic or worse, for not agreeing with LGBT views? Views, by the way, which have no basis in science.

Studies have shown that some degree of gender confusion is normal for most children as they learn to figure out who they are in the world, and more than 80 percent of these revert to identify with their birth sex without incident. I have always been concerned about the LGBT community targeting vulnerable children who may be confused about their sexual identities, while convincing them they are something they are not and offering them a community within which they can have acceptance. My concerns are not unfounded. A recent article in The Times (April 2019), a UK-based newspaper, told of five clinic workers who recently quit a government-funded gender identity program as part of the National Health Service (NHS) program because of experimentation on children as young as three years of age. Many of these children were not properly evaluated to determine if they were “transgender” before being placed on hormone blockers to prevent puberty and being assigned for irreversible cross-sex hormones at age 16.

A transgender person may be highly offended if their preferred pronoun is not used. In other words, calling a man who believes he is a woman, he, might offend that man. Zero consideration is given to the fact that it might offend the speaker to be forced to say something that is so ridiculously contrary to reality. This despite not one scintilla of objective evidence for the existence of a transgender person. Has a transgender person ever been identified solely from skeletal remains or by any lab test? Science can prove a person is a man or woman, has diabetes or cancer or any other host of medical conditions, but can a transgender person prove they are transgender objectively? Do they get to upset societal norms just because they say so? It should be obvious that any person, doctor or organization which claims that surgery and drugs can change a person’s sex is dishonest and lacking in common sense; but despite that, the propaganda machine rolls on. Goebbels would be proud!

Through various well-financed pressure groups and global activism, coupled with organizations like the United Nations, the number of countries that support the LGBT philosophy has increased exponentially over the past 20 years. It is important to understand that increasing acceptance and tolerance of LGBT views and the declassification of homosexuality and transgenderism as mental disorders has nothing to do with advancements in science, but rather in the changing views of professional organizations like the American Psychiatric Association as a result of lobbying from the LGBT community. In other words, a mental illness is not classified as a mental illness even though it is a mental illness by definition, for the strategic benefit of one group.

In keeping with the penchant for some Bahamians to eschew everything decent, noble and right, recently an organization was formed called the Bahamas Association of LGBTI Affairs. The goal of this organization is to educate and sensitize the public in matters pertaining to LGBTI issues. It seems incredibly presumptuous to assume society at large would want to be propagandized, or rather “educated” about their community, concerns or issues?

I suspect that I am not alone in being capable of educating myself about any matter of interest to me. It used to be that a simple diaper change made the sex or gender of a child clear, but now our progressive, enlightened societies have decided to thrust common sense in the heart with the javelin of LGBT activism with hyper-religious zeal. Indeed, the LGBT movement is the new religion, where the god is self, its altar the suggestible human mind and its mantra is tolerance and acceptance of its views regardless of rationality or the lack thereof.

This new morality, it seems, is determined by feelings, consensus and social pressure, not by principles or reason. The more celebrity endorsements and professional organizations support a particular view then the more correct that view is it seems. It is mind-boggling that so many can allow so few to convince them that the obvious is not true, but that which is contrived is true. It appears common sense is dead.

Much study and reflection of the objective evidence convinces me that LGBT views originate from abnormal and unmanaged thoughts, feelings, desires and behaviors. This is the very definition of mental illness. I will persist in and expect that my views will receive the same consideration and respect that those in the LGBT community expect their views to have. Mental illness is real and those afflicted by it require real help not acceptance or normalization of their illness. I oppose a new morality by consensus. The old tried and true ways worked perfectly fine. And by the way, the old-fashioned way does not experiment upon and destroy vulnerable children.

– JB

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