Company’s strategic partnership to bring touchless tech to tourism

A local company is capitalizing on the markets opened up by the COVID-19 pandemic and has entered into a strategic partnership to bring touchless environments to the hospitality and tourism industry in The Bahamas.

Open Systems Technologies International (Bahamas) Limited and Texas-based Sology Solutions have come together to offer network infrastructure along with the latest touchless technology.

According to a press statement, the companies will focus on the infrastructure in the Family Islands initially, targeting tourism stakeholders like boutique resorts.

“Today’s ‘touchless’ environment is a driver for technology upgrades that will make businesses more competitive and lead to job creation,” the statement noted. 

“Touchless technology, such as distance check-in and virtual concierges, empowers frontline workers with tools that better meet their guests’ safety expectations.

“The addition of network infrastructure and advanced operational technologies such as Wi-Fi services, guest location and wayfinding, dynamic digital signage and video surveillance, improve overall safety, security and the guest experience.”

Open System’s President and Chief Executive Officer Peter Bridgewater said in the statement that implementing these technologies will help businesses to grow. He added that Sology brings along with it robust capabilities.

“Investing in artificial intelligence and touchless technology now will make our smaller resorts more competitive and more attractive to safety-conscience travelers,” said Bridgewater. 

“Sology and its strong partnership with Cisco Systems brings proven expertise in smart cities and transportation with IoT (Internet of Things), which is needed to rebuild an enhanced customer journey in the tourism and hospitality industry.”

The statement touted initiatives like the Port of Nassau’s $250 million transformation, cruise line home porting and a surging demand for low-density, secluded destinations as a reason to think The Bahamas will emerge from the pandemic as a “tourism hub” in the region.

“These developments create a timely opportunity for properties and venues to improve the tourist experience. Returning travelers are demanding contactless encounters to feel safe,” the statement pointed out.

Sology’s founder and Managing Principal Ed Christmas said in the statement that he looks forward to using the tech to building up local communities in The Bahamas and to “make a real impact”.

“The Bahamas reopening is the perfect opportunity to create a smart and secure technology infrastructure,” said Christmas.

“This is essential to not only elevate the tourists’ experience but to create jobs which require qualified technology personnel to run and maintain systems. This boosts and sustains the local economy for years to come.” 

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Chester Robards

Chester Robards rejoined The Nassau Guardian in November 2017 as a senior business reporter. He has covered myriad topics and events for The Nassau Guardian. Education: Florida International University, BS in Journalism

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