Condemning the foreign minister’s disparaging statement

Dear Editor,

It was with shock and disbelief that I read the disparaging and insulting remarks made by the foreign minister of this country about one of our nation’s journalists. I was waiting for the press association to defend their colleague, but I heard naught but the sound of gentle silence.

The remarks made by the minister (as I refrain from using the word honorable) were inappropriate to say the least, and belittled the speaker more than the person spoken about.

The remarks further illustrated, what the minister knows to be true, that it is not right for a minister of government to also be a chairman of the governing political party.

There is clearly a conflict of interest. Mr. Mitchell must decide if he wants to be a minister of the government and a representative of all Bahamians or if he prefers to be chairman of the PLP and act on behalf of his beloved co-members.

He would do well to remember the words of the late Mahatma Ghandhi: “Politics without principles will destroy us.”

Yours Faithfully,

Jeanne I. Thompson

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