Consumer Protection Commission report outlines complaints made

There were just 82 complaints made to the Consumer Protection Commission (CPC) between April 2018 and the end of March 2019.

Of the 82 complaints, there were only five remaining cases open – three in the marketing and retail sector, one in the supplies and equipment sector and one in commercial and industrial sector – according to the CPC’s annual report covering April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019.

There were four cold cases, two in the auto industry, one in the appliances industry and one in the funeral and cemetery industry, the report notes.

“The CPC wants to encourage all consumers to become aware of their rights and not allow unscrupulous business establishments to infringe upon or deprive them of those rights as enshrined in the Consumer Protection Act. Every effort should be made to resolve complaints in the first instance; however, should parties fail at this, the matter should be referred to the CPC,” the CPC’s Chairman Philip Beneby points out in the report.

To lodge a formal complaint with the CPC, consumers are advised to complete and submit complaints through the CPC’s online platform, ensuring that they include copies of relevant documents including receipts, warranties, contracts, email correspondences and a concise explanation of the grievance.

“Complaints from consumers serve a twofold purpose. Not only does your submission to the Consumer Protection Commission serve you in your efforts to receive justice; registering your grievance goes a long way in helping us to detect new perpetrator patterns of fraud and abuse, to shut them down whenever possible,” the report notes.

“If you feel you are a victim of consumer fraud, or you are dissatisfied with the purchase of a product or service and the matter remains unresolved, the CPC will aid you by mediating your grievance.”

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