Convictions upheld in Fox Hill drive-by shooting

A court has affirmed the convictions of a man who killed a woman and injured her son in a drive-by shooting in 2010.

D’angelo Adderley was one of three men convicted for the murder of Sheria Curry and the attempted murder of Shanko Smith on November 3.

Following his conviction in 2016, a judge in 2017 sentenced Adderley to 35 years for murder. He was ordered to serve 10 years’ imprisonment for the attempted murder of her son at the same time.

Curry and her son were at the front of their home on Step Street in Fox Hill with other relatives when the occupants of a gray SUV opened fire on them.

Curry died on the scene and Smith was shot in the leg.

The witnesses to the shooting knew the assailants and, soon after, police arrested Adderley and Lynden Prosper as the shooters. Denard Davis identified himself as the driver.

The Court of Appeal on Thursday found no merit in arguments made by public defender Dorsey McPhee and affirmed Adderley’s convictions and sentences.

McPhee argued that the identification of the eyewitnesses was weak and the trial judge ought to have withdrawn the case from the jury at the close of the prosecution’s case. Additionally, he argued that the judge “failed to adequately and fairly assess the identification” in his summation.

Further, McPhee submitted that the trial judge failed to edit the statement that Davis gave to police during their investigations. In that statement, Davis identified Prosper and Adderley as his passengers.

However, the court ruled that the judge correctly pointed out to the jury that Davis’ out-of-court statement was not evidence that could be used against either of them.

Adderley filed his appeal almost 19 months after his trial concluded. As a result, he had to seek permission to appeal beyond the 21-day statutory deadline.

The court heard the extension of time application at the same time as the proposed appeal. The application was denied as the appeal had no prospects of success.

The court upheld the convictions of Prosper and Davis in 2020 and 2018, respectively.

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