Cooper calls FNM govt a disaster

Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Deputy Leader Chester Cooper last night lambasted the performance of the Minnis administration, calling it a government of failures that caters only to the elite.

“The [Free National Movement] FNM government and Hubert Minnis are only interested in securing the next election, and they only want to do that to cater to special interests,” he said during a rally at Columbus Primary School, where the PLP seemed to ramp up its 2022 election campaign. 

The FNM launched its 2022 campaign last month.

Cooper said, “The only time they look to the grassroots and to the middle class is to squeeze them for more taxes or try to use them to get elected.”

He said Minnis transformed the party into a “cult of personality where the main currency is loyalty to the leader”.

“The only sin you can commit in the FNM is to be critical of the leader or to disagree with the leader,” Cooper said.

Cooper added, “You can do any foolishness in Cabinet under this prime minister.

“You can fail at any level and keep your job in this administration, mess up the Bahamian people [and] it doesn’t matter.

“As long as you don’t criticize the chief, you can do what you want.”

He was also highly critical of the government’s response to Hurricane Dorian.

“The Disaster Reconstruction Authority is a disaster,” he said.

“The new ministry is a disaster. The minister for disaster is a disaster.

“And the prime minister, the chief disaster minister of disaster, is the biggest disaster of them all.

“It has taken six months for the government to launch the first phase of a small homes repair program.

“No one has gotten the help they need from the government yet.”

The government launched the first phase of its Small Home Repair Programme on Grand Bahama yesterday.

Cooper said, “This FNM government wasted precious time in the aftermath of Dorian profiling, flying ‘round; calling for unity but making everything political.”

Dorian laid waste to Abaco and Grand Bahama last September. It is the most powerful storm on record to ever hit The Bahamas.

Cooper also accused the government of raising taxes while incurring record debt, despite promises to get the country’s finances under control.

He also raised concern over the state of the police and defense forces, noting that top officials in both organizations were sent on leave amid continued concerns over the crime levels on New Providence.

Cooper pointed to labor unrest, confusion over the state of affairs at Bahamas Power and Light, the lack of a sale for the Grand Lucayan hotel and the unresolved Oban Energies deal as other shortfalls of the administration. 


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