Cooper: The public is sick of Minnis

While declaring that the Free National Movement (FNM) “is the crises”, Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Deputy Leader Chester Cooper said last night that Bahamians cannot trust Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis to get the COVID-19 pandemic under control.

“This is a man who runs an administration that has done almost nothing it promised to do,” Cooper said during a virtual rally.

“Where is the office of the ombudsman? Where is local government for New Providence? Where is the fixed election date? They’re nowhere because he never intended to do any of that. He was selling dreams, then. Just like he’s selling them now.

“We cannot trust him to get this pandemic under control. Look at the hospitals. The doctors and nurses are exhausted and he acts like everything is just fine. Today, I have three words for my Bahamian people: let’s move on.”

He said The Bahamas has a prime minister who “has no respect for us”.

Cooper said Minnis disrespected the people by not telling them who got “the pandemic money”.

“He’s disrespected Grand Bahama and Abaco by not delivering the relief and recovery that was desperately needed,” he said.

“This is a man with no respect for you. He got up on a rally stage and told the people he was informed the FNM won the advanced poll. Well, blow me down. Well, who could inform him of that if the ballots have yet to be counted?

“This is a man who got up on a rally stage and told the people of Abaco that if the PLP got in power, they wouldn’t receive the donations from Hurricane Dorian.

“…First Minnis, what donations? You haven’t disclosed yet how much money was donated or who it went to. The second thing is, it’s been two years. If you have donated Dorian funds, why haven’t you disbursed them to the people of Abaco and Grand Bahama?

“This is the same man who even disrespected the dead from Dorian and their loved ones from Abaco by conducting a mass burial before the people could identify them. We will never forget that horrific heart-wrenching day.”

Cooper said Minnis is running scared and telling people that the PLP is paying people to wear its party’s shirts.

He said the public is “so sick” of Minnis.

“…They want to send a clear signal to you that your time is finished,” Cooper said.

“You don’t have to set no term limits; the people will limit you to one term come Thursday. It’s time to turn the page in our nation.”

Cooper said The Bahamas should move on with the PLP as it increases minimum wage, moves toward a livable wage, lowers value-added tax to 10 percent, addresses the looming debt crisis, expunges the records of those convicted of possessing small amounts of marijuana, builds “a sensible” cannabis industry and accomplishes other initiatives.

He said that Minnis promised a cannabis industry but did not deliver. 

“Let’s move on and create a Bahamas that our children want to live in and build,” Cooper said.

“Let’s move on as we develop a strategic plan for each island in our archipelago. Come Thursday, let’s move on from Minnis and the FNM. They can’t fix disasters. They are the disaster. They can’t fix the crises. They are the crises.

“Come with us on Election Day. Let’s throw out Minnis and the FNM so we can start making real progress. The PLP has a vision, a plan and a capable, energetic team for a new day.”

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Rachel Scott

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