Couple on trial after gun found in police station

A couple is on trial after police officers found a gun and a magazine containing ammunition stashed in the bathroom at the Grove Police Station.

Annette Johnson, 24, and her boyfriend Dino Smith, 28, have denied charges of possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition at their trial before Magistrate Samuel McKinney.

Officers attached to Operation Ceasefire stopped the car that they were traveling in around 9:30 pm on May 18, 2022. They were arrested after the officers found a large sum of cash in the car and taken to the Grove Police Station for safekeeping.

Since the arresting team consisted of men, Johnson was not searched at the scene.

On May 20, Johnson asked to use the bathroom. Sergeant 3622 Vanessa Henfield testified that she allowed Johnson to use the bathroom after she searched it.

Soon after Johnson was returned to her cell, Henfield received information that led her to search the bathroom again, the court heard. While looking inside the toilet tank, Henfield found a .40mm pistol and a magazine containing 13 live rounds of .40mm ammunition.

As a result, Henfield collected Johnson from the cell and questioned her about the discovery.

Johnson then requested a lawyer.

However, Johnson later admitted to putting the gun and magazine in the toilet tank when questioned without a lawyer present.

Constable 4081 Magan Major, who witnessed the interview, alleged that Smith passed her (Johnson) the gun when police officers stopped their car. She said she put the gun in the toilet tank when she got to the station.

The case continues on October 14. At that time, the witnesses will be recalled to be cross-examined by defense counsel.

Ian Cargill represents Johnson and Kareem Higgins represents Smith. They are both free on $7,500 bail.

Inspector Timothy Bain is the prosecutor.

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