‘COVID-19 has lulled the church to sleep’

Apostle Dr. Utah Taylor-Rolle, senior pastor of The New Oasis of Love Kingdom Ministries and an apostle with a ravenous zeal for soul winning, believes that “COVID-19 has lulled the church to sleep and those who aren’t asleep are like trolleys in a supermarket: no movement until you push them”.

Taylor-Rolle claims that two weeks ago, the Holy Spirit gave him this message: “Many Christians are praying but not praying, words are coming out of their mouths but are meaningless. Many are worshiping and praising but are just pretending, just going through the motions. The church has fallen asleep even more now due to COVID-19 and I need you to wake my people up. Use every talent I’ve equipped you with to reach my people.”

The Holy Spirit then gave him the vision of a three-week revival expounding on certain Scriptures in relation to awakening the people, with the main Scripture being Revelation 3:1-3.

The revival began Sunday, September 13, 2020, and included Monday night and Saturday morning prayer meetings via telephone, Thursday night Bible study via Zoom and a Sunday social distancing service in the parking lot at 10 a.m.

“Last week, the ladies got the ball rolling because the women were the first to the tomb and they took the message to the men. Elder Elizabeth Ellis, Deaconess Elaine Taylor and Sister Lerlene Bub each brought a powerful 10-minute sermonette that began the awakening,” says Taylor-Rolle.

“This Sunday, the men will take over. Deacon Gaddy, Deacon Taylor and our newest convert, Brother Sid, will each bring a 10-minute sermonette, topped off with declarations and prophecies by myself. Next Sunday, the youth will be in charge of sharing the message under the theme ‘Awaken the People.’”

The New Oasis of Love Kingdom Ministries is a small but effective church on Faith Avenue North. It believes in taking the good news to the world. Its members have a strong evangelist team that organizes outreach at different shopping plazas, street meetings and various social media outlets, using every vehicle available to get the word of God out there. Interested parties can find them on Zoom, Facebook, YouTube and even TikTok.

Not only do they have an effective evangelism ministry, but they also have a vibrant relationship ministry.

The first and third Friday of every month, they host a relationship club on Zoom titled “Marriage With Purpose”. This ministry caters to married, single, divorced and widowed people. There, they discuss provocative topics that can prepare, repair and equip any relationship.

“You can gain access to the club by invite only. If you are interested in joining in on this Friday’s session, you can send me a message on WhatsApp via 806-6070 and I will send you the link; or simply hit us up on our Facebook page: Marriage With Purpose and the link or ID and password will be sent to your inbox,” says Taylor-Rolle.

“I am blessed with a solid family support system in ministry. My wife, Lady Valarina, is an evangelist, the women’s president and the church’s administrator. My oldest son, Cairo, is the assistant youth director; Utah Jr., aka ‘Lil U’, my youngest son, plays the keyboard and my daughter, Sierra Leone, is a member of the praise team.”

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