COVID cases continue to climb on GB

Nearly 200 new COVID-19 cases were recorded on Grand Bahama this month.

The number of cases recorded in November is just 17 shy of the total number recorded in September and October.

One hundred and ninety-seven cases were recorded on the island between September 1 and October 31.

One hundred and eighty cases were recorded in the first 16 days in November.

In its daily dashboard, the Ministry of Health noted that an additional 22 cases were reported on Grand Bahama on Monday.

On November 9, Grand Bahama had a total of 817 confirmed cases.

That figure stood at 937 as of Monday, representing 120 new cases in the last seven days. 

“The health team in Grand Bahama are doing the contact tracing and appropriate investigations,” Minister of State for Grand Bahama Kwasi Thompson said last night when asked whether additional restrictions will be implemented amid a spike in cases.

“They will provide their recommendations.”

He continued, “I would remind all residents of Grand Bahama to continue to follow all health protocols. We must not let our guards down because we are still in this fight against COVID-19.”

The rise in cases on Grand Bahama, which is the second most populous island in The Bahamas, came more than a month after health officials praised Grand Bahamians for a significant reduction in cases.

On Friday, during a Ministry of Health press conference, McMillan said, “This island had a six-week period where its baseline new COVID cases was approximately 13. Over the last four weeks, however, the baseline has more than doubled.

“We continue to monitor this trend and the impact of ongoing containment and mitigation measures by the Grand Bahama team.”

At that same press conference, Dr. Frank Bartlett, who heads the COVID task force on the island, said there are some COVID clusters on the island.

“The other cases that we have no explanation for appear to be more sporadic as it relates to community spread,” he said.

“[For] the areas where we have identified that there are an increased number of positive cases, we recommend targeted restrictions instead of having complete lockdowns because once we can identify those then hopefully we are going to be able to curtail the increase that we are seeing with that as opposed to putting our community in much more not-so-nice conditions with the lockdowns.”

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