COVID-positive cashier caught shopping at Super Value location

A cashier at Super Value on Wulff Road, who recently tested positive for COVID-19, was found shopping at the grocery store chain’s Blue Hill Road location last week, according to Super Value owner Rupert Roberts.

He said the cashier was supposed to be quarantined.

“There was a cashier from Wulff Road,” Roberts told The Nassau Guardian.

“She hadn’t come to work so we sent her for a test and she tested positive. We found her shopping at the Blue Hill Road store so we called the squad for her and had her carried away to lockdown where she should have been.

“I guess the police locked her down in a secure place so she can’t get out and do it again.”

He said the incident took place “two or three days ago”.

Roberts said one of the “COVID cars”, which were recently introduced into the Royal Bahamas Police Force, was nearby and came for the employee.

He said the employee showed “no regard” for the store’s patrons or other Super Value employees.

“That’s the problem these days,” Roberts said.

“People are not responsible; tested positive and still going out and then goes out to infect other employees in the company.”

Roberts declined to say whether the cashier will be fired following the incident.

He said she was on sick leave following her positive COVID test.

He said five other cashiers were quarantined following the incident.

“We had to pull one (cashier) from each store to bridge that gap,” Roberts said.

He added, “What we know about things, I guess thousands of COVID patients shop our stores and the girls didn’t get it. So, I don’t see any outcome from that other than the Ministry [of Health] taking the precaution to quarantine another five cashiers.”

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