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Create better habits

Who are you doing it for? Is this an act of self-gratification, self-fulfillment, self-upliftment, or is this an act to please the people around you?

We have to make sure that the actions that we take are the right ones that benefit us in the long-term. When it comes to your health and fitness, you should always keep in mind that if you can’t do it for yourself, then doing it for someone else will only be a short-term approach.

I’m quite sure that life has shown us multiple levels of experiences. With that, certain experiences should force a level of growth. We all know that people take on bad habits during certain trials and tribulations of their lives, for example over-eating or high degrees of alcohol consumption or whatever the indulgence is. It creates a sense of a safe place. The key is understanding that a balance is more important than a trigger affect, and can help you stay the course for the long-term.

I’m sure that we all have friends or families in our lives who experience negative trauma. Many times, due to the negative trauma, they correlate food or high intake to counter what has taken place. It’s essentially important to note that creating a perpetually negative approach towards how you take on a health and fitness lifestyle, can have dire problems in the long-term. We all should aspire to live a healthy and established lifestyle.

Understanding how you can create better habits and initiate better approaches towards the things that you do – especially when it comes to health and fitness, can create a perspective of truly understanding what it is you want to obtain.

Many times, we focus on the superficial aspects of fitness and not the reality. Not everything in life should be geared towards a superficial outcome. The more we focus on that approach the more we let ourselves down daily. There might be hiccups that force us not to establish those goals, and when those hiccups come about, we end up not being able to handle it how we’re supposed to because we are set on superficial goals.

The life of I’m getting fit for a wedding, a function, the summer, or anything that creates a short-term perspective, as we know doesn’t last long. It’s imperative that we take a strong stand and open mind towards our health and wellness without creating short term nuances that end up being long-term failures.

You never want to do anything that will put you in failed states. Once you do that, you end up with a defeatist mindset and that alone can cause a negative domino affect towards what it is you want to accomplish.

• Stay positive. Be purely consistent. Achieve more. And go get it! Emilio Bullard is a personal trainer at Balmoral Club. He can be contacted at sweattherapy@gmail.com.


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