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St. Andrew’s International School first-grade students celebrate Inventor’s Day

An invention is a unique or novel device, method, composition, idea or process – and may be an improvement upon a machine, product, or process for increasing efficiency or lowering cost. It may also be an entirely new concept.

Kid Inventors’ Day was celebrated on January 17. It’s a day that celebrates the creativity and ingenuity of young people worldwide.

St. Andrew’s International School first-grade students, who have been investigating how inventions developed over time, recently explored how different inventions have changed lives and how some inventions changed over time.

Their investigations culminated with a celebration of Inventor’s Day on Friday, January 27, during which parents, friends and family members joined students to help the first-grade inventors create their own amazing inventions in class. Some inventions included a robot, iPhone holder, caterpillar pencil cup and water boots.

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