Cries of the mind unheard

Dear Editor,

The need of connection to one another rears itself as a constant pursuit for most of us and a therapeutic social serum for many.

We bulldoze our pathways in life creating an individuality persona, but realistically the need of another is an innate force that nature has prescribed.

Undoubtedly, there is merit to self-astuteness and personal accolades in life, but challenges and the inevitable headwinds of life can often render us susceptible to uncertainties and uncontrollable variables.

Too often these glitches in life are acute challenges that go unnoticed by others and can unfortunately become a repetitive stress on a person’s life, causing wear and tear mentally, physically and socially.

Daily, we deal with mental challenges induced by external forces, family dysfunction, the effects of mental and physical abuse, chemical imbalances and societal influences.

Individually these factors are dealt with in varying ways and many times are bottled up in a person’s psyche, because surrounding personal influences like family and friends do not seem to care or desire to listen, which appears to be a common theme.

We operate in a busy society, which would lend reason or justification why warning signs of mental challenges in our citizens are overlooked and missed and somehow we only seem to hear about it at threshold!

Saturated negativism in the media, television programs, music and in society as a whole could be major factors!

Have we as a society been so busy that we are missing all of the warning signs?

Are parents too busy to listen to their sons and daughters?

Are teachers too busy to listen to students or feel their need to talk?

Are pastors compelled to just quote scriptures to the needy and are not really listening to what is going on?

People are hurting in this world and it is time for all of us to take a moment to hear their cries.

– Dr. Dennis Walter Smith Sr.

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