Cruise lines don’t care

Dear Editor

Who are these 50 Bahamians who would sell us out for a buck by choosing to team up with the cruise lines? The cruise lines are only focused on their bottom lines. They invest in these private islands (cite $200 million at CocoCay) and take business away from Nassau. We won’t even discuss their pop-up shops on Bay Street that come and go like thieves in the night, or the ridiculous tax they implement on small business owners such as the scooter rental companies. No wonder they charge $80 for rentals.

They’ve been sailing here for 50 years and made billions of dollars. If they really cared about our destination they would have helped upgrade downtown a long time ago. Instead, they open stores downtown and take bread out of the mouths of Bahamian store owners, who can’t compete with their billion-dollar budgets. Now they are suddenly focused on offering Bahamians cruise ship jobs and making donations like they care. All these years they have been coming here they wouldn’t even donate to put a slap of paint on things, and they make billions a year from just saying they can come here. We need to come together and create our own inter-island cruise line.

– Vasko Miller

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