Cryptocurrency can catapult the offshore banking industry, says Bahamian cryptocurrency expert

Embracing cryptocurrency could catapult The Bahamas back into the offshore banking industry spotlight, Joseph Evans Jr. told Guardian Business yesterday, adding that all Bahamians need to understand how things like Bitcoin and Blockchain work.

Evans, who also goes by the moniker Black Crypto, is hosting two seminars on cryptocurrency this weekend under the theme “From Pirates to Port Owners”, and hopes to introduce Bahamians to cryptocurrency and expand their understanding of how to utilize it.

Evans is hosting his fast-track course “Bitcoin Made Simple” today at 3 p.m. at Fusion Superplex, while the more in-depth course “Black Crypto Mastermind” will be held Sunday at Fusion.

According to Evans, while The Bahamas has been a pioneer in the Central Bank Digital Currency space, it is falling behind other countries in the development and utilization of cryptocurrency and things like Bitcoin.

“The Bahamas was very strong when it came to banking, especially offshore baking, and we’ve seen a lot of other countries just take off and now becoming leaders in blockchain, cryptocurrency and banking and things of that nature, and we are falling behind in that,” said Evans.

According to Evans, he wants to remove the fear of using cryptocurrency from those who may be skeptical of its digital nature.

He explained that trading in Bitcoin could be an opportunity for Bahamians to open themselves up to the global market, and for entrepreneurs to open up a new, digital payment source.

“By having people who are smart with Blockchain and Dissector, they can be their own real estate agents, they can create these contracts on the Blockchain to sell real estate or sell their own property or things of that nature,” Evans said. 

“This is just another form of currency. So, if you’re accepting credit cards, you might accept checks, you accept cash, you might accept a wire transfer, why not accept Bitcoin.

“People just need to start using it and then that will start growing in terms of how everybody will start working with it.”

Evans said cryptocurrency is also a way to build generational wealth.

He said the seminars this weekend will breakdown Bitcoin in terms of what it is, and really breakdown Blockchain technology in terms of mining and how it actually works.

Evans has reduced the four-hour Bitcoin Made Simple course from $300 to $100 and the Black Crypto Mastermind course from $2,000 to $1,500 to get the most Bahamians he can involved.  

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Chester Robards

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