Curfew violators fined

Lockdown and curfew violators faced steep fines when they appeared in court yesterday.

Close to 40 people were charged with flouting restrictions intended to contain the spread of the coronavirus in the country.

While the measures are intended to save lives, many of the violators who appeared in court broke the lockdown for frivolous reasons, like getting a meal or something to smoke.

Two men arrested days apart, who broke the lockdown over grabba leaf, were each fined $800 or one month in prison.

Police stopped Shannandor Williams around 9 a.m. on April 11 as he rode his bike on Thatch Palm Avenue.

He told officers that he was on his way to sell grabba leaf to a friend.

Williams pleaded guilty to violation of lockdown at his arraignment before Magistrate Sandradee Gardiner.

The magistrate told him he was not entitled to be on streets during the lockdown because he wasn’t conducting essential business.

And, Herbert Edgecombe’s desire for grabba leaf on April 13 could possibly be the most expensive smoke of his life.

Police stopped Edgecombe in Yellow Elder Gardens as he walked to buy some grabba leaf.

Gardiner said, “This is going to be the most expensive smoke of your life.”

Lelon Gibson, 42, left his premises in search of food on April 12.

The 42-year-old admitted to the magistrate that he had food at home, but he claimed that his cousin had “the best Sunday dinner”.

The “best” meal put a considerable dent in Gibson’s pocket as he was fined $800 or one month in prison.

Floy Andrews was fined $500 or one month in prison.

Police arrested the 51-year-old on Matthew Street, Nassau Village, on April 10.

They met her car blocking traffic on the street. When she came out of a home, she told officers that she went to take food to a relative.

In court, Andrews claimed that she had called the COVID-19 emergency numbers in hopes of getting permission to leave home.

When she couldn’t get through, she took a chance and left anyway.

Police arrested Milton Street resident Fabian Ferguson for leaving his home on April 12.

Officers found him standing on Deveaux Street around 10:45 p.m.

He told them he was looking for something to eat.

Ferguson told the magistrate that he “was very hungry” and went to his aunt for food.

Ferguson didn’t have any shoes on during his court appearance.

The magistrate fined him $400 or one month in prison.

All of the violators have until Friday to pay the money.

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