Cyclist killed in hit and run

A cyclist riding along Coral Harbour Road early Saturday was struck and killed by a vehicle whose driver did not stop, police said.

Police said they were called to the scene shortly after 7 a.m. and met the man’s body on the ground with injuries to the face.

The man was reportedly hit from behind. He appeared to be between 65 and 70, police said. 

Police appealed to anyone with information on the fatality to contact them right away.

“We also want to advise persons traversing the road, cyclists, whether it be in the night or in the day, to kindly wear the reflective gear on their person or as well put the relevant apparatus on their cycles so that they may be identified in the day as well as in the night,” police spokesman Assistant Superintendent Audley Peters said at the scene. 

Police said yesterday they had made no progress in locating the driver of the vehicle that knocked down the unidentified cyclist.

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