Dahl-Regis leaving COVID-19 task force

COVID-19 Task Force Coordinator Dr. Merceline Dahl-Regis is stepping down from the task force’s day-to-day operations, the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) announced last night.

OPM noted that it was “aware of media reports” relating to her departure from the task force.

“Dr. Dahl-Regis was appointed in March and agreed to serve until the end of June,” it said in a statement.

“She also agreed to extend her service, which will end shortly. Dr. Dahl-Regis will continue to offer strategic advice to the government and the prime minister but will be stepping aside from day-to-day operations.

“Dr. Dahl-Regis has put in place strategies, policies and procedures as it relates to managing COVID-19 and is confident in the team that will be led by Chief Medical Officer Dr. Pearl McMillian.

“The prime minister thanks Dr. Dahl-Regis for her national service and will have more to say in a national address on Sunday.”

The move comes as The Bahamas experiences a surge in COVID-19 cases.

Twenty cases have been confirmed since July 8 — 13 on Grand Bahama and seven on New Providence.

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