Daisy, the wind behind iconic sports wings of Coach ‘Moon’

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Who is Daisy McPhee?

Her husband, the inimitable Coach Gladstone “Moon” McPhee, has been closely associated with sports for 63 of his 73 years. He and his twin brother (Sidney “Moon”) were into sports seriously from their first decade on Earth.

On New Providence, there were various levels of little league sports, the equivalent of the Pop Warner and Pee Wee circuits in the United States. The twins played a lot of cricket, baseball and softball, the collective prelude to a meaningful sports organizational career for Sidney, and, the long coaching/training journey which Gladstone continues to this day.

This is the backdrop that Daisy had to accept when she first officially met Coach Gladstone McPhee, who would become the pioneer of national championship coaching in Grand Bahama. It was a great mix, one of understanding and a common bond to function in the best interest of youth development. Daisy has the status of having been a principal and leading educator on Grand Bahama.

On Saturday night past in the majestic setting at the Pavilion in the Grand Lucayan Resort, Freeport, Grand Bahama, the Grand Bahama Sports Promotion Association (GBSPA) saluted Coach Gladstone McPhee with a testimonial banquet.

The revered coach said it best. He told his audience of family, friends, admirers and colleagues, that when he met Daisy, she knew nothing about, and didn’t like, sports, but he had a lot of appreciation for her support. Inclusive in the big support role Daisy played from the outset, was accepting that she would be home alone when Coach Gladstone went away on many trips.

The coach disclosed on Saturday night that he decided to limit his travel, when his home became the target of robbers.

Daisy persevered throughout. She dealt with the apprehension; the demand others placed on her husband; the finances which went into assisting young athletes and facilitating tournaments rather than empowering the home; the invasion of her privacy by the constant presence of young and old athletes; and the daily association with other coaches and sporting partners. Daisy kept strong, faithful, and in time, became quite dedicated, as well, to the general cause of her life mate.

On Saturday in the grand atmosphere, as so many paid tributes to her husband, she knew that the cause was a worthy one.

It has resulted in scores of young boys and girls being elevated through scholarships, made possible by her husband (their daughter Yolett McPhee-McCuin who heads the University of Mississippi Women’s Basketball Program being one of them).

Daisy McPhee has been significant during the last four decades of her husband’s life, which have cemented his legacy as a sports icon for the ages. Through it all, as he has flown all over the nation and the world, touching others with his sporting genius, Daisy has been the wind behind those wings.

Saturday night, and the honor by the Grand Bahama Sports Promotion Association, both belonged to Coach Gladstone Nathaniel “Moon” McPhee, but Daisy McPhee must always be remembered for her special contribution to the great sporting stalwart who evolved.

Congratulations Coach Gladstone and Daisy!

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