Dames warns criminals not to engage officers: ‘You’re going to lose’

One day after a man was killed by police during an attempted armed robbery, Minister of National Security Marvin Dames warned criminals that they will not win in any encounters with police.

“It’s always unfortunate when someone has to lose their life,” Dames said outside Cabinet.

“But it’s a bad proposition as a criminal when you want to confront the police. You’re going to lose that.

“And we hate to see that happening, but the police have an obligation to protect all of us, to protect innocent people from those persons who are out to cause mayhem.

“And we just can’t afford to allow that to happen.”

A Monday morning shoot-out between police and two suspects left one man dead and another wounded.

The dramatic scene unfolded before 9 a.m. near the Royal Bank of Canada’s Mackey Street location. According to Chief Superintendent Solomon Cash, police foiled a planned bank robbery before the suspects could carry out the heist. He said a tip led police to the location where they intercepted the two men.

It was the second police-involved shooting for the year.

Dames said it is unfortunate that officers find themselves in situations where they must defend themselves.

“Just as a warning to our young men out there, brandishing a weapon does not make you Superman, especially when you take it upon yourself to hurt innocent people and confront law enforcement,” he said.

“…You’re not going to win that. That’s the last thing that we want.

“We hate losing our young men. We’ve lost too many of them already to crime, to violent acts, and it’s the last resort that police would want to do.

“But when confronted by these misguided young people, the officer has to protect him or herself, unfortunately.

“That’s how it works in any society.”

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Rachel Knowles

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