Dames warns public to be careful

National Security Minister Marvin Dames yesterday admitted that police officers will have to become more creative in their crime fighting strategies in an effort to address an increasing number of brazen armed robberies in New Providence.

“Unfortunately, Christmas is a very busy time of the year, and unfortunately this is the time of year, too, that those persons, who are hell-bent on stealing and robbing others, come out,” Dames said.

“So, we’re very cognizant of that.

“As you know, the police would have introduced its holiday crime prevention fighting measures over a month ago, and that has been paying tremendous dividends. However, there are still others out there who will, despite the presence of police, take the risk.

“So, we’re asking members of the public to be extremely careful as they go about their business of putting smiles on the faces of family members and friends and neighbors because there are persons out there who don’t intend to work and will do whatever they have to, to make others’ lives miserable.”

Dames said that he continues to get updates from Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson and police have significantly beefed up their presence on the streets.

“Police officers are out there in numbers because they know there [is] a category of individuals who will continue to challenge them and will continue to find creative means to steal and rob,” he said.

“We just have to be a step ahead of them.”

Armed robberies have been scattered throughout New Providence, leaving victims feeling unsafe in their own homes.

Last week, a Haitian man said four armed men, posing as immigration officers, forced their way inside his Balfour Avenue home in the wee hours of the morning and robbed him and his family.

Last Tuesday, a woman was inside the restroom of a business establishment on Robinson Road off Marathon Road, when an armed man entered the restroom and robbed her of a handbag containing a phone and other items before running away.

On Sunday, a woman was approached by three men who robbed her of a handbag containing cash and other personal items.

Yesterday, shortly after midnight, a man, woman and three children were attempting to enter a home on Arawak Avenue off Pyfrom Road when they were robbed by an armed man.

Shortly after 5 a.m., police said two armed men broke into a home on Sequoia Street, Pinewood Gardens, and robbed the occupants, a couple, of cash and car keys. Before fleeing, the men attacked one of the victims.

Last year, there were 443 armed robberies on New Providence, according to police statistics.

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