Dangers of unfettered power

Dear Editor,

From the beginning, we have never been a proponent of the way the prime minister has handled the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are sorry to say that, in our opinion, from the first day he became the competent authority, he began to speak to us condescendingly, treating us like children while being disrespectful to the press.

Time is longer than rope, and many leaders have risen and fallen because of the way they treat their people.

Some leaders learn the art of diplomacy, and to some, it comes naturally, while others only read about it.

What we have seen from the competent authority is the desire to control.

One means of control is to cut off people’s access to money. Locking the country down for extended periods was an ideal opportunity to take charge.

Because of all the lockdowns and restrictions, countless jobs were lost. No jobs, no money.

Now we have to rely on the state for barely enough to survive.

During the lockdown, as faith was being tested, families were falling apart. 

Throughout history, people have gone through changes that have upended the very fabric of their society, and they always think it is the end of the world.

They panic and things just descend into chaos. When it reaches that stage, routine and comfort break down, and violence and crime become the order of the day.

Every day, people are taking to the streets in protest; you can hear the anger and hurt as they express themselves.

It is hard on a person when he cannot make an honest living to support his family.

Just a few days ago, an elderly lady was attacked in her home by young men who knocked out several of her teeth.

To be as brief as possible, we can truthfully say that recently the competent authority appears to be making attempts to correct the difficulty the country is in.

Unfortunately, because of all of the lockdowns and restrictions, the road ahead is going to be very trying because the new coronavirus is taking its toll daily, and the economy is less than fragile.

Sadly, they both will leave terrible memories.

The victims of the coronavirus will have remnants of its illness that will be with them for a very long time, not to mention the loss of loved ones.

And the economy will take many years to revive.

I have no intention of beating a dead horse. But the competent authority is now saying we have to establish a balance between health and economy, something scores of people from all walks of life have been telling him from day one.

Mama used to say “hard head bird don’t make good soup”.

After all of those lockdowns, the competent authority on Monday, September 7, said the risk of the spread of the virus is higher in indoor environments.

Now, after locking me down for all of those times, he is telling me outdoors are safer.

Can you believe it?

Maybe he can tell us how many of the recent coronavirus victims were infected during those lockdowns. And why are the beaches not open later than noon?

This is what happens when one individual has unfettered powers. What is even more terrible is when those who have his ears do not speak up.

One question remains unanswered — will the competent authority relinquish his powers at the end of September?

When asked by reporters whether the emergency period will be extended, the prime minister did not give a definitive answer as to what will happen.

Guess we will just have to wait and see.

Prayer changes things, and faith moves mountains. Keep praying, hold on to your faith.

This, too, shall pass.

Anthony Pratt

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