Daughter wants answers about mom killed in traffic accident

Walkesa Forbes, a grieving single mother of four, said she is still seeking justice almost a month after her mother was the victim of a traffic accident.

She is the only daughter of Geneva Gibson, 46, who was killed on January 21 when a man driving a silver Honda Fit on Farrington Road reportedly lost control of the vehicle and struck her.

“My mummy was full of life, she was just so full of life,” Forbes told reporters during an interview at her home on Eneas Street.

Choking back tears, she said, “You know what it is, your children keep on getting up in the morning [asking], ‘Mummy that’s my grammy in a box? That’s my grammy in a box? They put my grammy in a hole?’; that isn’t a good feeling.

“How could you explain that to a three and a four-year-old that, ‘Hey, grammy gone away, and this and that?’ All I could tell them is, ‘Hey, grammy is an angel now.’ That’s all I could say.

“Ain’t nothing else I could say or do about it because right now for me I’m still trying to cope with what’s going on even though it isn’t easy. It isn’t.”

Tears began flowing from Forbes’ eyes as she recalled the night her mother died.

“I just met her there unconscious,” the 30-year-old said.

“The ambulance came and they was trying to resuscitate her and stuff like that and all I know was just the blackout.

“So that night, I don’t even know what to say about that night because that right there was a serious night. And then, after that, I went to the hospital. I went to the hospital and that’s when they said, ‘Well, she died on the way coming’.”

Forbes said her mother was a caregiver of the elderly at an institution in Yellow Elder and that she was a mentor figure for their family who tried to instill values and manners into her grandchildren.

She said the family feels “devastated” that the driver has allegedly not even given them an apology.

“Listen here, I have had no remorse, no nothing – funeral expenses, all them things…nothing has come to us,” Forbes said as she grew visibly upset.

“Why haven’t you (the driver) tried to go on Facebook and locate the lady who was killed that night and find her children or her parents or something like that?

“[W]hy wouldn’t you go on Facebook or somewhere and say, ‘Well, my remorse and I apologize,’ or something? Accidents do happen and things do happen…”

She added,”I am hoping for justice because this isn’t right. This is a traffic fatality that happened on the 21st. You know what today is? The 18th of February, today is my son’s birthday.

“From the 21st, and the 21st is about to come again… That’s like a whole month. Something needs to be done. I don’t know what’s going on but something needs to be done.

“My mom has gone down, I have heard nothing, from January 21st to now; no reports, no news, no nothing…

“What’s going on? Isn’t the law for everybody?”

Police officials said yesterday the matter is still under investigation.

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