Davis agrees that lockdown is necessary

The emergency lockdown measures ordered by Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis Monday night, in an attempt to prevent the spread of COVID-19, are “absolutely necessary”, according to Opposition Leader Philip Brave Davis.

Davis urged all residents to comply with the order but also noted the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) would be paying close attention to the ongoing developments.

“It is widely agreed that these measures are absolutely necessary to mitigate against the further spread of the coronavirus,” Davis said in a statement.

“I reiterate to all Bahamians and residents residing in The Bahamas to exercise self-discipline and comply with these latest round of emergency measures which are designed to safeguard and protect the lives, health and general well-being of all Bahamians and residents.”

The Bahamas has five confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Last week, Minnis ordered a national curfew from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m., and also ordered all businesses, with few exceptions, be closed until March 31.

His order Monday night extended that curfew to 24 hours, and added the closure of airports, docks, ports and beaches throughout the country, with certain exceptions.

During that address, Minnis noted that he had spoken with the opposition prior to passing the order, and Davis echoed the same yesterday.

Davis also said the “measures are in line with World Health Organization guidelines”.

“The Progressive Liberal Party will continue to monitor these developments, the impact these measures are having on our country and assist in this national effort to combat this public health crisis,” he said.

“I encourage each Bahamian and resident to take full responsibility for their health and the health of their family by doing his or her part to achieve the best possible outcome for our country.”

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