Davis: Any pledge conference confusion is govt’s fault

Opposition leader Philip Davis yesterday said if anyone is confused by what came out of the government’s Hurricane Dorian Pledge Conference on Monday, it is because the government didn’t properly inform the public.

He also urged the government to clarify the details behind a $975 million loan offer from The P3 Group, Inc. at the conference.

The group was also a title sponsor of the conference at Baha Mar resort.

Davis’ comments follow the prime minister insisting that critics were misinformed and made “silly” comments in the media about the bid.

“Why doesn’t he inform us of the true position?” Davis said.

“He should become transparent and inform us so that we won’t be speaking from a place of ignorance.”

Minnis told reporters yesterday that all pledges will be reviewed by Cabinet, and a decision will be made as to what’s best for the country.

The prime minister also indicated that it was clearly understood at the conference that most of the aid pledges were not in the form of cash donations.

In response, Davis said he was not under that impression when the initial announcement was made.

“No differentiation was made in the announcement,” he said.

“So, it is his own misinformation that we have been commenting upon.”

Disaster Reconstruction Authority Managing Director Katherine Forbes-Smith said at the conference that the donations are a combination of cash, technical assistance and “other” forms of assistance.

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