Davis disappoints again

Dear Editor,

I was shocked to see in the newspapers on Wednesday that Philip Brave Davis was playing politics with the tragedy that happened in Abaco and Grand Bahama.

Dorian was the strongest hurricane to ever hit The Bahamas. It was the second strongest storm by wind ever in the Atlantic. The devastating cyclone laid waste to Marsh Harbour and East Grand Bahama.

Researchers from around the world will study the historic ferocity of this storm for years to come.

As of the last update, 58 people died. Many, many more died, however. There are 600 missing. It is likely that many of those people will not be found. The large surge carried bodies out to sea.

The government repeatedly advised residents of both islands to evacuate low-lying areas and coastal zones. The prime minister and ministers from Grand Bahama made repeated pleas to residents to evacuate to safer places.

The government sent representatives to shantytowns in Abaco with Haitian Creole speakers to advise those residents to leave. The government also helped evacuate people from some cays.

In an attempt to politicize a historic natural disaster, during his briefing with the media, Davis said the government could’ve done more to protect lives during the storm.

This is a ridiculous claim that yet again demonstrates how unfit Davis is for the post of prime minister. He was trying to use the tragedy to gain political points.

“Could’ve done more” is the easiest, cheapest and, in the circumstances, nastiest criticism a politician can make.

This is the same Davis who, during Dorian, dressed up in a yellow jacket, went to Pinewood Gardens and posed in front of a house with a truck parked with a PLP flag to take a photo to look like he was doing something useful during the storm.

He looked silly.

Bahamians roundly criticized him on social media for the bogus and offensive publicity stunt.

Davis continues the PLP record of disappointing conduct during hurricanes. When Hurricane Joaquin hit the southern islands in 2015, then-PLP Leader and Prime Minister Perry Christie carried on with his regular Saturday political activity of attending funerals before going down to check on his people in crisis.

During Hurricane Matthew, millions of dollars were allocated for relief for those affected by the storm. The PLP is still unable to account for that money. It is one of the great disgraces in PLP history.

Davis leads an organization the Bahamian people do not trust. He has no known philosophical positions. He has no vision for The Bahamas.

Davis increasingly comes to the podium with outlandish or superficial commentary. He demonstrates each time he speaks that he is not up to the job of prime minister. In that role, he would be a threat to The Bahamas.

Yours truly,

– Disappointed Bahamian

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