Davis dismisses Miller’s warning

Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Philip Brave Davis yesterday dismissed concerns by former Tall Pines MP Leslie Miller that the party is entering “dangerous” waters if it plans on excluding veteran politicians as candidates in the next general election.

During his monthly press meeting at the PLP headquarters, Davis said the noise about the party’s new candidate selection process doesn’t bother him.

“First, let me tell you what we believe is really important — we are looking for both expertise and vigor, men and women who can be change agents and shake things up and move this country forward,” Davis said.

He continued, “On too many fronts, The Bahamas is stuck. We need energy and innovation and we need people ready to start moving on day one.

“Second, there is a very fair, very transparent system in place for interviewing and selecting candidates, one that gives people who live in a constituency more say.

“This is one of the reforms we adopted at our most recent convention.

“Third, we have been really delighted with the amount of interest that has been shown — there are so many really excellent, accomplished people who want to become candidates. The future is very bright.

“Fourth, everyone who wants to be a candidate will go through these steps.

“I understand not everyone is happy about that. We’ve heard some noise about it, and my guess is you’re going to continue to hear noise. That’s okay with me. There was an old way of doing things; now there’s a new way.”

Party supporters who attended the meeting cheered Davis on.

Davis’ comments came a week after Miller’s warning.

Miller said he would explore running as an independent if denied a nomination by the party.

“I will do what I [have to] do,” he said.

“We will be on the ticket in Tall Pines. You can take that to our good Lord and savior.”

Last week, PLP Deputy Leader Chester Cooper said the party “will not be bullied” in its candidate selection process for the next general election, insisting that every candidate will have to follow the party’s rules.

The PLP won only four of the 39 seats in the House of Assembly in the May 2017 general election.

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