Davis: FNM has no vision to move country forward

In a final bid to win over voters ahead of Election Day, Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Philip Brave Davis insisted last night that he has a plan to move The Bahamas forward, calling the Minnis administration bereft of vision and ambition.

Accusing Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis of running from questions over his decision-making over the past four years, Davis said it is clear he won’t keep the promises being made on the campaign trail.

“Now he’s shouting last-minute promises from a rally stage,” Davis said.

“But he didn’t keep the last set of promises he made to you, and he has no intention of keeping these, either.

“Last-minute promises aren’t the same thing as a strategic plan.”

Davis continued, “That’s the biggest tragedy of this government: a lack of vision, a poverty of ambition.

“They don’t have the imagination or courage or competence to create transformational change in our country. They only reach for boldness when they’re enriching their inner circle. But our problems are too big to think small.”

Davis promised the PLP, if elected, would foster a “more dynamic, more inclusive, more resilient” economy.

“We are going to partner with you to change our economy,” he said.

“We are going to expand investment and entrepreneurial opportunities for Bahamians within tourism, but we’re also going to create entirely new industries.

“COVID has exposed how vulnerable our tourism-based economy is to external shock. There are so many opportunities to diversify – natural resources, renewable energy, technology, entertainment, sports, agriculture and more.

“We’ll do our part by partnering with the private sector to create new industries, and making sure you have education, and training, and start-up capital.”

Davis also accused Minnis of ignoring the recommendations of healthcare workers in his management of the COVID-19 pandemic, insisting that his government would do a better job. 

“I am going to partner with doctors and nurses, instead of treating them as adversaries,” Davis said.

“We’ll make sure hospitals and clinics get the resources they need.

“We’ll bring healthcare professionals into the decision-making.”

He added, “We’re going to respect and partner with medical and scientific experts, so our country finally gets control of the virus.”

With most students across the country still in virtual learning, Davis also pledged to address issues with education during the COVID pandemic. 

“We’re going to create a new nationwide tutoring program. I’m not going to allow Bahamian children to fall further behind,” he said.

Davis said that while the country is clearly struggling financially, his government believes in investing in Bahamians. 

“Times are tough; there’s no doubt,” he said. “But you can’t put a country’s dreams on hold. We can’t stop investing in people. It’s a matter of priorities.

“More than $8 billion was borrowed in your name over the last four years. Look around; you can’t see it anywhere.”

Davis said, “If you stay home, or if you vote third party, it’s the same thing as voting for five more years of what we have now.

“And we can’t afford five more years of blunders and missteps and crisis. We can’t afford five more years of waiting to solve our toughest problems.”

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Rachel Scott

Rachel joined The Nassau Guardian in January 2019. Rachel covers national issues. Education: University of Virginia in Charlottesville, BA in Foreign Affairs and Spanish

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