Davis knocks Minnis’ ‘clumsy, fake bravado’

Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Philip Brave Davis said yesterday his party will bring its vote of no confidence against the prime minister when it’s “good and ready”.

Davis was responding to Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis’ dare for the opposition to move forward with that decision.

Minnis told reporters on Monday night, “It’s good and we welcome it,” adding that he has no doubt the vote would show “how strong and together” his party is.

But Davis hit back in a statement responding to those comments.

“The prime minister and his deputy prime minister can best be described as jokey leaders,” he said.

“The prime minister with his clumsy, fake bravado dares us to bring it on with the no-confidence vote [while] his deputy called it a ‘fool’s errand’.

“Well, the prime minister should know we will do it when we are good and ready but know that it hangs over his head like the sword of Damocles.

“As for the deputy prime minister, he has plenty of experience with fool’s errands. He has been trying to balance the budget since he came to office and after two years he is still adding two and two together and making it five.”

Davis added that he is not worried that the PLP only holds four seats in the House compared to the FNM’s thirty five, which would likely doom the motion.

He said it is not about having the numbers to pass the motion, but rather about recording which members stand behind the prime minister and the behavior of the government.

Last week, during the PLP’s National General Convention, Davis announced that the party’s parliamentary caucus intends to move a vote of no confidence in Minnis as a result of the government’s handling of a lease to rent space in Town Centre Mall for the General Post Office.

However, Minnis maintains that the government’s decision to lease the mall was “transparent”.

Additionally, Deputy Prime Minister Peter Turnquest has called the move “a waste of taxpayers’ time and money” and accused the opposition of “political theater”.

The House of Assembly has been adjourned to October 2.

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Sloan Smith

Sloan covers national news for The Nassau Guardian. Sloan officially joined the news team in September 2016 but interned at The Nassau Guardian while studying journalism at the University of The Bahamas. Education: Vrije Universiteit Brussel (University of Brussels), MA in Mass Communications

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