Davis launches election bid at rally

Touting the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) as a repaired and unified one, PLP Leader Philip Brave Davis last night launched his election campaign.

“The SS PLP is off the reef,” he said at a rally at Columbus Primary School.

“Its hull is repaired. It is strong and seaworthy.

“We’re on board to do the people’s work, and it’s all hands on deck with a singular mission.

“A united party ready to serve the Bahamian people.”

The PLP suffered a landslide defeat in the 2017 election, with former Prime Minister Perry Christie losing his Centreville constituency for the first time.

At the time, many in the public called the results a sign of the need for change in the party. Davis, who served as deputy prime minister during the last Christie administration, has been party leader since, with Exuma MP Chester Cooper as deputy.

Davis said the PLP is a “reinvigorated” party.

“We’ve been working hard these last few years, reforming and reinvigorating our party,” he said.

“So many outstanding Bahamians want to represent you in the next Parliament. This new generation gives me great optimism about our future.

“So, in the upcoming election, Bahamians will face a choice, a choice between a PLP that promotes the public interest or an FNM that promotes special interests, a choice between a united, reinvigorated PLP or a divided and demoralized FNM.”

Davis criticized Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis, who said two weeks ago that the Free National Movement’s (FNM) “victory train” is on a roll as he launched his re-election bid.

“Now that other guy told you to get on a train, but a train can’t take you to the Family Islands,” Davis said.

“The train he’s driving went off track so badly it’s in the ditch now.

“And that’s not a joke. It’s serious, deadly serious, because people are really hurting.”

Davis accused Minnis of not caring about the average Bahamian.

“[There is] no support for young people, or athletes, or the poor,” he said.

“No relief from high taxes and sky-high electricity bills. Low wages and low growth despite a strong U.S. economy.

“There’s a lack of vision, no planning, no innovation, no big new ideas.

“The truth is, the seeds of progress and change have always been sown by the PLP.

“In our party’s very first platform, we pledged to be a party that dedicated itself to the service of all Bahamians, not a privileged few.”

Davis added, “The FNM has nothing to offer but their own desire to stay in power.

“Nearly three years in, we can all see for ourselves – Minnis isn’t pro-people or pro-worker or pro-Bahamian. He’s just pro-Minnis.”

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Rachel Knowles

Rachel joined The Nassau Guardian in January 2019. Rachel covers national issues. Education: University of Virginia in Charlottesville, BA in Foreign Affairs and Spanish

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